Time to try the cutlets – the first meat out of the system, courtesy of the pig tractor. They came with a bit too much back fat so I trimmed them down. They are thick cut american style pork cutlets, with no rind so the fat can be browned nice and crisp without having to overcook the loin eye. The meat is marbled quite nicely.


I rubbed celtic sea salt into the trimmed cutlets.


I started with the back side down over a high heat to start crisping the fat. The trick is to cook these the same way as steak to medium- put them on a high heat and sear and crisp the outside and don’t let the middle overcook.


The outside browning off, and fat starting to render.


The quality of the pork is unbelievable, it tastes so good! The outside and the fattier parts were nice and crunchy and the loin was moist and tender. These cutlets would go really well on a BBQ grill.