We tractored and rotationally grazed some Birkshire X Duroc pigs around the site at the beginning to help build the soil in preparation for crops, now their job is done and sadly they have to come back as pork. They had an enormous time eating roots, grass, worms etc. They were also fed plenty of fruit and veg grown on the farm – lots of jackfruit, pumkins, mangoes, melons etc. They were also cut forage such as comfrey, borage, sunflower and sorghum. A mixed grain was added as a supplement. They had enough choices to get fussy.

We made sure they got a wide a spectrum of nutrients as possible, even kelp, so as to be a healthy animal as possible and pass those nutrients on to the soil and to us. There were no chemicals, sprays or drugs of any kind near these animals and when they were dressed, there were no signs of any disease or parasites in the organs, they were in good health.

The only main regret is not killing and processing them onsite, as I think taking an animal away to a strange place to be killed isn’t nice. We killed one pig earlier on the farm and there was no stress to the animal at all, the rub is I can’t legally share that meat.

Out of all this I hope there were five less pigs that had to go to live an awful life in a factory farm.