We aim to open our farm to members from the Gold Coast area. We want to intergrate with the community as much as we can, so members can be part of the project too.

At the start -presently, we will be offering produce as it comes off the farm while we build up to a stage where we can deliver a mixed box weekly to members. This will be done by a mailing list, where we will send out a note on what is coming off the farm and take orders.

As the system starts producing more, we will offer a box subscribtion, where members sign up for a weekly delivery of fresh cut produce.

We will be taking feedback from anyone involved and working the project to suit. We want members to vote on what gets planted, as it is essentially their crop.

The main goal is to provide food of the same quality and freshness that would come out of any good gardeners backyard, plus other perks. This isn’t normally available on the market, as even a lot of organic food has travelled a long way and isn’t as fresh as a local (organically grown) product.

We want members to visit the farm for a chance to meet and gather, see the system with their own eyes and audit the health/safety of the system for themselves. There is a plan to hold some lunches and give some educational tours on permaculture systems while receiving feedback on what crops etc. would suit members best.